Our toilet paper production line is composed of a fully-automatic rewinding unit, paper storage unit and automatic cutting unit. The entire process from feeding to cutting is accomplished in a single run. This production line runs smoothly and stably. This line is fully automated, which contributes to a great decrease in labor cost and less labor fatigue. All these features have made this production line the best choice for the manufacture of toilet paper.

Our napkin folding machine operates with paper rolls that have been slit. It performs printing, embossing and printing operations automatically, in order to form square or rectangular paper napkins. With features such as clear print, vivid color, accurate register, high speed and stable operation, this equipment has become a popular choice for the processing of top-grade napkins.

The Hengxin facial tissue machine is a recently launched product. It has been designed to operate on paper that has been slit. This equipment carries out the roll cutting and interfolding process, in order to produce square or rectangular paper napkins. Some of its notable functions include variable frequency drive, automatic tension adjustment and automatic counting function. The prominent advantages of this equipment encompass high speed, easy operation, neatly folding, etc.

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